| 2021 Robotics Fair

    • Registration
      • The competition shall be open for all Grade 10-12 students who are enrolled in any private or public schools in NCR for the A.Y. 2021-2022.
      • The online registration via Google Forms will be open from August 23, 2021 until October 31, 2021
      • Submission of mobile app presentation is on November 15, 2021
    • Competition Guidelines
      • Each school team shall comprise of minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 students accompanied by a coach from the same school.
      • The entry must consist of mobile app solutions related to disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM).
      • Each team should provide solution/s to the existing problems regarding disaster. The disaster could be man-made or natural.
      • The team with the most points based on the rubric provided will be declared as the winner.
    • Resources
      • Each team must provide their own laptop or desktop computer. If the team cannot provide a desktop computer or laptop of their own, they can use the one provided by their school.
      • Teams should make sure they have installed and configured the programming tools (e.g. Android Studio, Unity, or any available mobile app development software in the market) that they plan to use for mobile app problem solutions.
      • Each team may access the internet during the development of the mobile app. However, student should use their own codes and copy-pasting of any code will be strictly prohibited.
    • Programming Languages
      • Problem solutions may be coded using the following:
        • Android Studio
        • Unity
        • any mobile app software development available in the market.
    • Submission of Mobile apps and presentation
      • Mobile apps and presentation will be submitted in video recording format not exceeding 5 mins.
    • Mobile App Minimum Computer Desktop/Laptop Requirements
      • Operating System Version
        • Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/10 (32- or 64-bit) The Android Emulator only supports 64-bit Windows.
        • Mac® OS X® 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher, up to 10.14 (macOS Mojave)
        • GNOME or KDE desktop. Tested on gLinux based on Debian (4.19.67-2rodete2).
      • Random Access Memory (RAM)
        • 4 GB RAM minimum; 8 GB RAM recommended.
      • Free digital storage
        • 2 GB of available digital storage minimum, 4 GB Recommended (500 MB for IDE + 1.5 GB for Android SDK and emulator system image).
      • Minimum required JDK version
        • Java Development Kit 8 or higher
      • Minimum screen resolution
        • 1280 x 800
info2021 ScienceQueST
    • The 2021 ScienceQueST competition will by default be held in a face-to-face setup. However, depending on the prevailing conditions come before the event date, the event may be relegated to a virtual setup.
    • The entries will be limited to 16 schools only – 8 from public schools and 8 from private schools.
    • Only the first 16 schools from Muntinlupa City to register and submit their complete requirements are allowed to participate in the 2021 ScienceQueST.
    • Only one (1) student who is enrolled in the Junior High School level (Grades 7 to 10) for A.Y. 2021-2022 is allowed to represent their school with one (1) Coach to assist their participant, and one (1) Observer. The designated observer is to be randomly assigned to another competing school and shall help in facilitating during the conduct of the 2021 sciencequeST.
    • The name of the registered participant shall be considered final after the registration deadline on October 31, 2021.
    • The registration link will close once the desired number of entries has been reached.
    • The following requirements must be submitted thru the provided link.
      • Endorsement Letter
      • Signed Waiver
      • High-resolution soft copy of 2×2 ID Pictures (student, coach and observer)
      • High-resolution soft copy of School Logo
    • The topic coverage of the 2021 ScienceQueST shall include:
      • JHS Science
      • JHS Math
      • General Knowledge, related to:
      • Muntinlupa City
      • Department of Science and Technology
      • Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
infoRobotics Competition
    • This robotics competition aims to bring together the most-tech savvy grade 9-12 students of Muntinlupa City to build a robot capable of addressing a problem or issue related to disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM). This competition seeks to encourage these students to think and propose out-of-the-box solutions that would aid humans in performing tasks by developing a robot that would extend as an intelligent tool in resolving DRRM-related problems.

    • Registration of Participants
      • The competition shall be open for all Grade 9-12 students who are enrolled in any private or public schools in Muntinlupa City for the A.Y. 2021-2022.
      • The online registration via Google Forms will be open from August 23, 2021 until October 31, 2021
      • Each team shall compose of three (3) members with one robot entry.
    • Training
      • A one-day technical training will be conducted by Hytec Power Inc. to discuss relevant topics in robotics e.g. programming language, platforms, etc. (details about the training will be e-mailed to the participants after successful registration).
      • The training aims to help each participant in the development of their prototype.
      • All the members of the participating schools are required to attend the training.
    • Exhibit
      • All robot entries will automatically allot the school affiliation with a single booth in the virtual exhibit. There is no need for a separate registration for the exhibit.
      • The robot will be displayed together with the relevant materials (e.g. promotional ads submitted by the school for exhibition).
    • Submissions
      • The team must submit a
        • Poster
        • Banner
        • Catalogue, and
        • Other media-related materials highlighting the special features of the robot.
      • The teams can present different media elements by submitting visuals that include high-quality photos, charts, diagrams, audio and video presentations, etc. that would illustrate the robot capabilities.
      • Each team must submit a video demonstrating the robot’s capability of solving a problem related to disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM).
  • Note: Further details will be sent to registrant’s email after successful registration.

infoVirtual Exhibit
    • This virtual exhibit seeks to display current innovations in the field of robotics from the different schools in Metro Manila and the latest products/services offered by professionals and private companies that are in line with this year’s theme. It aims to spark awareness and interests among students and professionals to design, innovate, and improve robotic technologies in making possible solutions to problems related to safety, risk reduction, disaster prevention and preparedness, response, and rehabilitation, defense, etc.

    • Exhibitors
      • The exhibitors shall be categorized into two:
        • High School/SUCS and
        • Professionals/Private Companies.
      • Duration of Submission - CDM will start accepting entries via online submissions from August 23 to October 31, 2021
    • Exhibit Requirements
      • School entries must have been researched and developed prior to the event proper.
      • They must submit their latest or existing school projects using any robot microcontroller, parts, and platforms.
      • Professional/companies must highlight their latest product innovations that might be significant in developing robots that can help in the disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM).
      • The robot will be displayed together with the relevant materials e.g. promotional ads submitted by the school for exhibition.
    • Content
      • Each exhibitor must present a poster, banner, catalogue, and other media-related materials highlighting the special features of the robotic technology, product or service.
      • They can present different media elements by uploading visuals that include high-quality photos, charts, diagrams, illustrations, etc. that would help bring the content to life.
      • The exhibitors must submit a video showing the robot capable of solving a problem related to DRRM.
      • The goal is to show all the features of your system highlighting its novelty. It must emphasize the problems being addressed.
      • You may also present the concepts or principles upon which the work is based.
      • Schools and professionals may also submit videos to promote their product/videos or institution.
    • Exhibit Proper
      • All exhibit materials must be submitted for thorough screening.
      • Each exhibitor will be given a booth in the virtual auditorium.
  • Note: Further details will be sent to registrant’s email after successful registration.

infoCareer Pathing Webinar
    • To assist students in choosing a career path during their transition from one level to the next and to demonstrate to students a clearer understanding of the career exploration process and how their own skills and interests match up to a chosen career path;
    • To assist students in seeking out opportunities to gain experience within their chosen career fields;
    • To assist students in learning about job opportunities in their intended career path such as the work tasks, company settings, salary, job outlook, and resources corresponding to careers they are considering;
    • To develop life-long skills students can use to seek jobs, internships, apply to graduate school and make career changes like in written and oral communication; and
    • To increase students’ understanding of how their academic learning and career development are intertwined inseparable elements of the student experience that provides insights and connections to help them make their career dreams a reality.
    • Check your internet connection to make sure it is stable during the course of the event.
    • Do log in 15 minutes before the start of the webinar schedule. Kindly rename your ZOOM name in this format to be easily recognized - “School/Company_Participant’sName”.
    • We hope that you have prepared your mind for new learnings and have packed your career-related questions with you. You may type in or log your questions in the chat box. These will be answered during the Q&A session
    • To receive your e-Certificate of Participation, you need to fill out the online Feedback and Evaluation Form. The link will be given at the end of the webinar by the moderator.
    • Please do not share the ZOOM link to anyone, as this link is unique to you.

For registration concerns, email us at support@cdm.edu.ph or call our landline # 84248780 loc. 212 / 215.

Note: Kindly use “Registration for Robotics Fair 2021” as your e-mail subject.

2021 Robotics Fair

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